Rep. Ann Meyer from Fort Dodge introduced House File 2015 for standard penalties for fatal traffic crashes.  Currently, crashes involving bicyclists are on a traffic ticket.  This bill would make fatal bicycle crashes the same penalty as other vehicle or pedestrian crashes.  

What happens next?

After being introduced, bills are often assigned to a subcommittee.  If passed, the bill is forwarded to a committee.  If passed by the committee then the bill is sent to the chamber (House or Senate) for debate and passage.  If the bill passes a chamber, it is sent to the opposite chamber (from House to Senate or Senate to House) where the process starts all over with a subcommittee, committee, and floor debate.  After that, it heads to the governor for a signature.  It is hard to pass bills and for good reason.

Take action:

Iowa bicycle advocates are encouraged to take action on this bill.  The form below allows you to contact your legislator directly and send a custom message to them.  

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