Our Work

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition promotes safe and enjoyable bicycling in Iowa through education, events, better policy, and growing a community of supporters. The Coalition works on a state-wide level with state agencies and elected officials to shape policy change and locally with community leaders and municipalities to make Iowa bicycling better.

  • Work for better bicycle laws and bike infrastructure.
  • Teach bicycle safety, proper enforcement of bicycle laws, and bicycle-friendly community design
  • Promote bicycling as an economic benefit and tourism attraction.
  • Foster a strategic, coordinated conversation around bicycling.
  • Host and support bicycle events that boost bicycling interest, grow the community of bicycling advocates.

Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School program encourages kids to walk or ride bicycles to school.  The Coalition designs and implements community-building workshops to teach safe bicycling and assists communities with organizing walking school buses and bike trains. 

Bicycle and Traffic Safety Education

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition designs and disseminates bicycle and traffic safety education for new and experienced riders and partners with Driver Education programs to educate new drivers on the importance of sharing the road with bicycles.

 Bike To Work / Bike Transportation

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition partners with local groups to support bike-to-work activities, events, and policies, in addition to encouraging bicycle transportation in community planning and design. 

 Legislation & Government Relations

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition works closely with elected officials to impact legislation to make Iowa a safe place to ride a bicycle.