April 6, 2012

Our Work

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s mission is to improve bicycle safety education and encourage more people to ride bicycles more often.   The Coalition focuses their work on a state-wide level by working with state agencies, helping shape policy change, and creating local improvement supported by local champions.

Safe Routes to School
The Safe Routes to School program encourages kids to walk or ride bicycles to school.  We perform workshops that help build community action around safe routes to school.  We also work with education programs that create safer walkers and bicycles.  We assist communities organize walking school buses and bike trains.

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has bicycle and traffic safety education for new and experience riders.  We also work with Driver Education programs to educate new drivers on the importance of sharing the road.
Using your bicycle for transportation is fun, saves money, and improves your health.  Get tips on how to be a great bicycle commuter.  Also, see our www.IowaGoesByBicycle.com challenge.
We need improved facilities for bicycling and walking.  Complete streets establishes a policy that requires communities to build bicycle and pedestrian facilities when they construct or reconstruct roadways.  In addition, there is information on bike planning work that the Iowa Bicycle Coalition has been involved with.
Win prizes for riding your bike?  Cool!  Check out the challenge.
We are still working to make Iowa a safe place to ride a bicycle.

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