Get the Bike Law Card

Want a handy law card with all of Iowa’s pertinent bike laws that you can have on your bike at all times? We’ve made just that very thing so that if you are ever in need of referring to a specific part of the Iowa legal code (such as when speaking to a police officer), you’ll have the information readily on hand. There are a few ways to get a law card.

Option 1: Pick a Law Card up at your local bike shop

We’ve provided a display and law cards to every bike retailer in Iowa. Ask them for a law card the next time you’re in the store. If they’re out, have them contact us for more.

Option 2: Pick a law card up at the next Iowa Bicycle Coalition event

If we’re there, we probably brought law cards. From the Iowa Bike Expo to the Bacoon Ride, just find our table and ask for the law card. Check out our list of events here.

Option 3: Request a law card to be sent to you

We try to send all our supporters a law card, but if you haven’t gotten one, please fill out the form and we’ll do our best to get a law card dropped into the mail for you.

Note: if you are a business ordering/reordering law cards, please use this form instead.

Request a Law Card

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