Download: Bike To Work Guide

If you are curious about riding your bicycle to work instead of driving, this ebook is for you. We want to teach you the tips and tricks that will make your bike commute easy and enjoyable. Iowa bike commuter Kent N. (5 mi commute) says, “it’s the best part of the day.” 

We have drawn upon the collective expertise of the members of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to give you the best advice possible. They have shared their experiences to give you ideas about what works for bicycle commuting. 

If you know a bike commuter at your workplace, ask them how they do it. Bike commuters are almost always willing to share their experience. If there aren’t any bike commuters in your social circle, consult a local bike shop. 

Keep in mind that the tips provided in this ebook are only suggestions. You don’t have to go buy a new bicycle or gear to start riding to work. Iowa bike commuter Kerri S. (3 mi commute) said, “Don’t build up a false barrier in your mind to bike commuting — it’s as accessible as you want it to be.” 

Most of all, remember to have fun.  

Get your FREE Iowa Bike To Work Guide. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has surveyed Iowa bicyclists for tips and techniques to make bicycling to work easy and enjoyable. Learn what Iowa bicyclists do for their bike commutes. Make your commute safe, easy, and enjoyable.