BMX Skills Hub

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition and 80/35 BMX have taken the first steps toward building an Olympic-level indoor BMX racetrack and offroad cycling facility for users of all ages in the Des Moines metro area and we need your help.

What Are We Building?

Our goal is to build a public/private four-season facility that will hold a BMX race track, pump track, jump lines, mountain bike skills area, community bike shop, meeting area, concessions area, and – why not? – a picnic area outside. This facility (name TBD) will provide recreation in inclement weather for cyclists and families of all ages and skill levels across the metro and serve as an all-weather hub for the cycling community.


Iowa boasts a large and inclusive cycling community, but to the wider world, we’re mostly known for corn and our weather. We want to change the second part. A top-notch indoor cycling facility would attract racers and recreationalists from across the Midwest, particularly in the winter. As summers get warmer, we anticipate greater summer tourism as well. 

We hope to lay a foundation for an Olympic BMX program based in Des Moines, to attract national and world-wide events, and bring cycling industry jobs and tourism dollars to the entire metro area. Individual nationwide BMX events regularly have economic impacts for host communities in the millions of dollars and Des Moines is well-positioned to become a national cycling destination.

Read the feasibility study proposal

Why do we need a feasibility study?

Most large studies begin with a feasibility study. The feasibility study is the first step towards bringing the track to life. A feasibility study helps determine exactly where the track should be built, sketches a business plan, and, most importantly, figures out whether such a project could stand on its own. Companies like CSL talk to stakeholders, local governments, members of the public, and cycling organizations to find out the kinds of facilities that will see the most use and provide the greatest return on investment.

Right now we are in the fundraising stage for the feasibility study phase of this project, which is the ‘startup’ phase of the project. Major milestones in this overall project are: gathering support & feasibility study, fundraising for a capital campaign, facility construction, and project completion & grand opening.


Proposed Renders

Renderings: Neumann Monson

Our Partners


1. What is the fundraising goal?

The feasibility study will cost $47,000.

2. When is fundraising over?

Fundraising for the feasibility study will end when $47,000 is raised.  The goal is to have this raised by June 2024.

3. When will the feasibility study be complete? 

The feasibility study will require 6 months to complete once the fundraising goal is achieved.

4. Why is the feasibility study important?

The feasibility study is crucial as it will assess the viability of the project, helping to understand risks, costs, and benefits before committing resources. It will provide a comprehensive analysis and guide on whether to proceed with the project or explore alternative options.

5. Are donations for the feasibility study tax-exempt? 

Yes, Iowa Bicycle Coalition and Iowa Central BMX are 501c(3) organizations.


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