Download: Ride Right Guide

RIDE RIGHT is the safety program developed by RAGBRAI©. The program name has a double meaning. Bicyclists are urged to ride on the right side of the road AND ride correctly according to traffic laws. The safety program follows the intent of the name.

As you read this guide you should keep in mind that bicyclists in Iowa have the same rights and duties as the operators of vehicles according to the Code of Iowa. Understanding Iowa’s traffic laws and how the laws apply to bicycling is important. But the laws by themselves don’t provide all the tips to riding a bicycle safely and enjoyably.

The Ride Right Guide compiles the tips on how safely to ride bicycles in Iowa — whether on the week of RAGBRAI© or during other times of the year.

Download the FREE Ride Right Guide. Safety is important when riding your bike. Follow these great tips for riding safe and RIDE RIGHT.