Share The Road License Plate

Get your Share The Road License Plate today! No need to wait, you can exchange your current license plate for a Share the Road license plate at any time! Approximately 1,200 Iowans have already purchased this rolling billboard to promote and fund bicycle safety in Iowa.

All proceeds from the sale of these license plates go directly to help our mission: The Iowa Bicycle Coalition promotes safe and enjoyable bicycling in Iowa through education, events, better policy, and growing a community of supporters. 

Eligible Vehicles

  • Automobiles
  • Multipurpose vehicles
  • Sport utility vehicles
  • Vans Motorcycles
  • Trucks
  • Motor homes
  • Trailers and travel trailers

Numbered Plates

  • $35 initial fee for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition
  • $10 annual registration fee for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition at time of renewal
  • Plus the annual registration renewal fee for the vehicle

Plates (including personalized plates) may be purchased as a gift. Gift certificates will be mailed to the purchaser. Numbered plates must be ordered through your county treasurer’s office.

Personalized plates

  • $60 initial fee ($25 plate fee + $35 for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition)
  • $15 annual registration fee ($5 registration fee + $10 for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition) at time of renewal
  • Annual registration renewal fee

Personalized license plates may consist of up to five characters and numbers. All personalized plate choices must have at least two characters.

Personalized Plate Requirements

  • No punctuation marks are allowed.
  • No denoting a government agency (i.e., DOT).
  • No display of characters that are sexual in connotation.
  • No characters suggesting profane, obscene or inflammatory words or phrases, or those contrary to public policy.
  • No characters or words defined in dictionaries as a term of vulgarity, contempt, prejudice, hostility, insult, or racial or ethnic degradation.
  • No characters considered to be offensive.
  • No characters that conflict with the regular license numbering system.
  • Recognized as a swear word.
  • Reference to an illegal substance or criminal act.
  • Any foreign word falling in any of these categories.
  • No duplicate combination of characters.
  • No zeros.

How to apply

Order online (You will need an Iowa Driver’s license or ID and a credit card to complete the transaction.)

Complete the Special Plate Application form, print and mail with the fees that are due.Completed applications may be returned to your county treasurer’s office or mail to the following address:

Office of Vehicle & Motor Carrier Services
Iowa Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 9278
Des Moines, Iowa  50306-9278
Telephone: 515-237-3110

Your plates will be sent to your county treasurer’s office and staff will notify you when your plates are available. Plates must be assigned to a vehicle within 90 days or the plates will be voided and no refund issued. Your current plates must be exchanged for your new plates.