E-Bike Bill Passes House Transportation Committee

On Tuesday, the Iowa House Transportation Committee passes House Study Bill 80 that regulates E-Bikes 19-0.  The bill adds 3-wheels to the conventional bike classification and establishes a 3-tiered e-bike system and provides regulation of the e-bikes to allow them to operate as bicycles.

Rep. Maxwell, Rep. Kressig, and Rep. Bush were champions for this bill and passed it through subcommittee.  Rep. Best was also a champion by filing the committee bill and moving it through the committee.

The bill now enters the debate calendar and will be debated in the full house.  On the Senate side, e-bike champion Sen. Koelker moved the bill through a subcommittee and it awaits a committee hearing.

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Senate File 70 seeks to add Steering Unreasonably Close to a Bicyclist (321.281) to the enhanced penalties list in 321.482A.

If a bicyclist is killed or injured on Iowa roadways, it is a lesser penalty than if a motorist or a pedestrian is struck on Iowa roadways. This legislation does not raise the penalty but creates the same penalty regardless of the mode of transportation. If the motorist is charged with steering unreasonably close to a bicyclist (321.281) the current result is a traffic ticket.

The enhanced penalty levies a $1000 fine and 6-month revocation for fatal crashes or a $500 fine and a 3-month revocation for serious injury to a list of infractions in the Iowa Code listed in 321.482A.  That list includes passing of vehicles or violation of pedestrian right-of-way, but not bicyclists.

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You can help more by donating at www.iowabicyclecoalition.org/gives.

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