Bike Safety Radio Campaign Concludes

As bicyclists are still being killed by motorists at an alarming rate (anything greater than zero should be alarming) the Iowa Bicycle Coalition took to the airwaves this summer to remind motorists to slow down, pass safely, and save lives on the roads. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has concluded a bike safety radio campaign launched[…]

I Bike & I Vote

Elections are nearly a month away on November 6. It is time to talk about voting.  No matter who you support, voting is crucial.  We’ve put together this handy non-partisan FAQ for voting in the upcoming election. ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? You can confirm your voter registration at the Iowa Secretary of State’s website.  Click to check your voter registration. IF[…]

Iowa DOT Releases Draft Bike Plan

The Iowa DOT has released a long-awaited draft of the Iowa Bicycle and Pedestrian Long Range Plan.  The plan builds upon the State Transportation Plan, Iowa In Motion 2014 to expand opportunities and further improve conditions for bicycling and walking in Iowa.  You can read the full plan at https://iowadot.gov/iowainmotion/files/BikePedPlanDraft.pdf The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is excited[…]

Iowa DOT Complete Streets Proposal

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition applauds the Iowa DOT’s efforts to adopt a complete streets policy as a starting point for improving bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  We emphasize this policy is a starting point and expect an evolution in language to smooth the implementation snags which will no doubt occur. The new policy is a new[…]