If you haven’t heard, the national bike advocacy organization, PeopleForBikes has issued a challenge just before RAGBRAI.  If we have 10,000 bicyclists (people that ride bikes in Iowa if you live on either side of a river) then PeopleForBikes will present a big check for $10,000 on stage at Mason City during RAGBRAI. That is a huge amount of money and could have a big impact on the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.  However, it isn’t the most important part of this project.  We need to mobilize 10,000 bicyclists to take action and make change for bicycling. We might wear bold and bright colors when we ride, but off the bike, bicyclists seem like a small faction.  Or, are we?  Organizing our voice is the goal of the PeopleForBikes campaign.  If we can get 10,000 people to speak out on behalf of bicycling, we would have the attention of all our elected officials.  So the real goal is to build a movement and voice for bicycling. It takes less than a minute to fill out the form.

Click and sign up for the FREE membership to PeopleForBikes.

Thanks for your support,

Mark Wyatt, Iowa Bicycle Coalition