PeopleForBikes has challenged the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and RAGBRAI to gather 10,000 bicyclists to join PeopleForBikes for FREE.  If we can meet the challenge, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition will receive $10,000.

That is a lot of money.  How do we plan to spend it?

Over the past year, Iowa has made some strides on safe passing.  While many states have a 3’ Passing Law, the Iowa DOT has rewritten the Iowa Driver’s Manual to simply state, Change Lanes to Pass Bicycles.  Seems pretty simple and no need for a yard stick.

We need to sink some money behind this campaign.  We want to produce some marketing material to promote Change Lanes to Pass.  If you are an Iowa Bicycle Coalition member, you can pick up a Change Lanes to Pass Bikes sticker at our RAGBRAI Expo Booth.

We are going to utilize that campaign moving forward.  We imagine billboards, online ads, and social media messaging.  We are going to try to leverage grants to keep the PSA rolling.  We are going to keep pushing the message until we stop seeing bicyclists run over.

It takes less than a minute to fill out the form.  Click and sign up for the FREE membership to PeopleForBikes.

Thanks for your support,

Mark Wyatt, Iowa Bicycle Coalition