Here’s a quick look ahead toward Tuesday’s 73-mile ride from Fort Dodge to Eldora:

MAP: Getting around in Eldora

WEATHER FROM WHO-HD: Cooler air is on the way. At sunrise the temperature will be 57. The high will reach 80. It will be mostly sunny. The wind will be light and out of the NNW around 5 mph. Tonight will be mostly clear with lows in the middle 50s.  The forecast high is 79; the low, 57.

ALL ABOUT ELDORA:  Eldora’s ride website


Here’s a brief selection of the things you’ll encounter Tuesday:

HISTORIC SIGHTS: Today’s route will make any history buff happy. Numerous historical sights fill Webster City, such as the Kendall Young Library and Wilson Brewer Park. The town of Alden is hosting “Iowa’s Best Dam Party” and is also home to a number of historic sights: the country’s smallest Andrew Carnegie Library and the Alden Lyceum, a big entertainment hub in the early 1900s.

KARRAS LOOP: The only way to visit the It’s All Good ice cream and homemade pie store and play human-size foosball, the Karras Loop will take riders through Radcliffe.

SUPPORT FOR VETERANS: The town of Duncombe boats a patriotic attitude. The American Legion Auxiliary supports activities for veterans and community. Take a look at the parade of flags on Main Street honoring fallen veterans. Not for profit groups will be raising money for the Veterans Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

FOOD: Iowa’s favorite breakfast staple, bacon, will be in abundance in bacon burritos from the Webster City Rotary Club. Kettle corn, breakfast pizza, corn on the cob and more will also be available. The Boondocks Truck Stop 24-hour diner will have a full staff waiting to serve dinner specials, such as pulled pork and chicken dishes.

WHEELY DEAL: The overnight stay of Eldora is home to Pine Lake State Park and has a wheel of a deal for riders: a lot of pie and a Ferris Wheel set up especially for RAGBRAI visitors. Native artists Dogs on Skis, Ike Thomas and Drew Campbell are just a few of the well-known artists who will perform.