Here’s a quick look ahead toward Saturday’s 68-mile ride from Coralville to Davenport:

MAP: Getting around in Davenport (large file) | Downtown map (large file)

WEATHER FROM WHO-HD: It will be sunny today. The wind will be out of the SSE at 5 to 10 mph. It will be warmer. Highs will stay in the middle to upper 80s. No rain expected as riders dip their front tires in the Mississippi. The forecast high is 86; the low, 64.

ALL ABOUT DAVENPORT: Davenport’s ride website


Here’s a brief selection of the things you’ll encounter as RAGBRAI XLIII comes to an end Saturday:

FOOD: You can eat away your sadness that Saturday is the last day of RAGBRAI with the many food options along the last day’s route. West Liberty will be a good choice for breakfast stop and is home of RAGBRAI’s famous Tender Tom’s Turkey. The meeting town of Wilton boasts the oldest ongoing Ice Cream Parlor/Soda Fountain in the world, The Candy Kitchen, and serves ice cream, lunches and candy for more than 150 years.

TRI-COUNTIES: The town of Durant is known as the Heart of the Tri-Counties, as you can ride through three Iowa counties and never leave town. Grab one of the local and non-local vendors’ pies, desserts, ice cream, frozen treats, grilled burgers, brats or ribeye steak sandwiches.

FINALE: Davenport’s was the ending point of the original RAGBRAI, known then as the Great Six Day Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, in 1973. The dip-site will be in the Mississippi River at historic Credit Island on the southwest side of Davenport. It was used as an early Native American trading post and is listed on the Davenport Register of Historical Places.

RUN: The 41st annual Quad-City Times Bix 7 will be run this morning in Davenport, as well. It’s one of the best known races in the country. Be sure to mingle with the runners and celebrate your accomplishments together.