Yesterday the addition of bike lanes on Boyson Rd near the Marion City Limit were discussed by the Cedar Rapids City Council. In order for these lanes to be installed parking will need to be prohibited. Again, data shows that parking is not currently utilized in this area and as a result wide lanes exist that promote speeding.


Council has decided to return this concept back to the infrastructure committee in response to a citizen’s opposition yesterday. One citizen spoke against the bike lanes on Boyson and one spoke in favor.


Additionally, the concept received a considerable amount of email with 20 letters of support and 2 against.


I remain optimistic that the infrastructure committee will again pass it back to the council in favor of adoption. They last past it unanimously in favor.


As such, I will keep all of you posted when it likely is to return to the City Council. Given these delays I do not expect the bike lane to be installed until next spring. On the bright side at least this means the lane markings won’t have to be plowed over this winter and will be fresh for the new season.


Stay tuned,


P.S. I was talking with our communications specialist and she said the only things she ever gets consistently positive responses on are bike related issues!


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