Bancroft — Wring out the floss and brighten those smiles, because the tooth fairy has come to RAGBRAI.

Elise Tanner, 55, of Seattle is dressed as the tooth fairy this week, to remind riders the importance of oral hygiene.

Whether she’s passing a toothbrush to kids at a lemonade stand, or helping a rider who has pork stuck in his teeth, she’s ready with 300 toothbrushes.

“The people are amazing here,” Tanner said of RAGBRAI. “They let you into their houses.”

So far, Tanner has helped riders who forgot their toothbrushes. But she’s also dressed up to raise awareness for “Toothfairies,” an oral hygiene group that assists low-income children.

“I love to dress up,” Tanner said. “Children will open their mouths when I’m the tooth fairy.”

This isn’t the tooth fairy’s first visit. She’s flown into RAGBRAI before, but she said she enjoys it each time.

“The people are just so great in Iowa,” Tanner said.