KINGSLEY, Ia. — Nobody knows how much Bud Light flows down the thirsty throats of 10,000-some RAGBRAI riders, but Team Good Beer has elevated the tradition to a new level. For the past 10 years, @TeamGoodBeer has lined up sponsors to arrange a 7-day beer tasting across Iowa. (Drink your heart out, Napa Valley.)

Team Good Beer in Kingsley on Sunday. (Michael Morain/The Register)

Team Good Beer in Kingsley on Sunday. (Michael Morain/The Register)

Second-time rider Jim Sands of San Clemente, Calif., handed out yellow flyers Sunday morning to anyone who wanted to know about the tastings in bars and golf-course country clubs along the route. Their bus carries 100-some kegs donated by various micro-brew sponsors. Among the offerings: Boulevard of Kansas City (@Boulevard_Beer), Schlafly of St. Louis (@Schlafly) and Millstream of the Amana Colonies (@millstreambrew).

Sands sported the team’s lederhosen-style jersey and ate for breakfast a pork chop and a frozen Snickers bar, which he said probably pairs well with an IPA.

But here in Kingsley at 10 a.m. Sunday he washed it down, somewhat sheepishly, with an orange Gatorade.

He grinned. “If I were 35 instead of 55 I would have started” drinking by now.