The Iowa Bicycle Coalition would like you to contact your legislators on these three important bills being considered by the Iowa Legislature. Please take a moment to visit to contact your legislators in support of the Standard Penalties for Fatal Crashes (SF16/HF422), Crosswalk Protection (HF214), and Handsfree/Distracted Driving (SF207) bills. Your voice can make a difference in keeping our roads safe for everyone.

Crosswalk Protection, HF586

The crosswalk protection bill (HF586), would require motorists to yield to bicyclists and pedestrians at crosswalks. This bill has passed the committee in the Iowa House and awaits debate on the floor.

Standard Penalties for Fatal Crashes, SF16 and HF422

The Standard Penalties for Fatal Traffic Crashes campaign aims to ensure that motorists who cause the death of a bicyclist face the same enhanced penalties as those who kill pedestrians or motorists. Bills SF16 and HF422 have both passed their respective committees and await debate in both chambers. 

Handsfree/Distracted Driving, SF207

SF207 aims to require drivers in Iowa to use their cell phones in hands-free mode while driving. It is currently awaiting a hearing by the Senate Ways and Means Committee before being debated by the full Senate. 

Taking action is easy.  

  1. Visit the Iowa Bicycling Action Center at
  2. Click each campaign to add your voice.
  3. Review the email and make any changes you want.
  4. Click send.  

Thank you for taking action on behalf of bicycle safety and advocacy