Send a Fort Dodge Messenger Letter to the Editor

You indicated on a survey that you would be willing to write a letter to the editor and I would like to take you up on that offer.  

I would like you to send a letter to the Fort Dodge Messenger thanking Senator Tim Kraayenbrink and Representative Ann Meyerfor the work on distracted driving bills in the legislature.  

You can submit a letter to the editor in three easy steps:

1.  Edit the sample letter below or write your own.

2.  Submit the letter to the Fort Dodge Messenger (

3. Reply to this email and let me know you’ve submitted the letter so we can watch for it and post it on social media.  

Thank you in advance.  I am grateful for advocates like you who take action.  This grassroots support is what gets things done in the legislature.


On behalf of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, we’d like to thank Senator Tim Kraayenbrink and Representative Ann Meyer for their work advocating for safety on Iowa’s roads. Senator Kraayenbrink worked on the Senate Transportation subcommittee for the bill to add distracted driving to the driver’s education curriculum (HF380). This bill was signed by the Governor this session due in part to Senator Kraayenbrink’s support. 

Additionally, we want to thank Representative Meyer for leading the charge on the hands-free driving legislation in the House and Senator Kraayenbrink for his work on the hands-free driving bill in the Senate. This bill will be back next year for further consideration, and we appreciate their work to date. Cellphone use increases the risk of a crash, and this hands-free driving bill would have reduced some of these dangerous incidents.

We look forward to continuing to work with Representative Meyer and Senator Kraayenbrink on the hands-free driving bill next session and thank them for their support of this legislation and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s efforts at the Capitol.