The Route Announcement Party is a fun celebration revealing the upcoming RAGBRAI route. But, it is also an critical fundraiser for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.

Support from you or your bike team can help fund safe routes to school programs, teaching bike traffic safety in drivers education, or passing stronger laws and better policies for bicyclists.

  • Your donation could teach a kid to stop at stop signs, signal, and look both ways.
  • Your donation could help improve drivers education so every new driver knows to change lanes to pass a bicyclist.
  • Your donation could help double fines for serious and fatal traffic crashes involving bicyclists.
  • Your donation could multiply into to more trail funding and more miles of bike lanes.

We’re out to raise as much money as possible for our Iowa bicycling and we definitely need your help.

We’re looking for our amazing supporters to go one step further than just donating and to actually fundraise for our campaign. Imagine the impact we can have if each of our supporters got their friends and family to donate to our cause.

Just go to

We are going to recognize the top team and top individual fundraiser during the Route Announcement Party.

Thanks so, so much for your support.