RAGBRAIsunrise RAGBRAIpassthru RAGBRAIcrowdAll of us here at RAGBRAI would like to thank those who took the time to complete the surveys after RAGBRAI XLII.  4,470 online surveys were completed, providing valuable information to help make RAGBRAI a safer and more enjoyable ride.  We thank you for your feedback, and look forward to incorporating what we learned into our discussions with the towns along the 2015 route!


Some facts of interest about our fellow cyclists who ride RAGBRAI:

  • 35% were first year riders (up just slightly over past years)
  • 17% have ridden 10 or more years
  • 30% rode just part of the week
  • 33% rode the Karras Loop
  • 65% like to start before 7:00 AM
  • Most riders will spend between $25-$50/day
  • Almost half prefer to eat breakfast in the first pass-through town.  The rest are split evenly between eating in town before leaving, eating before the first town, and eating after the first town.
  • 4% are vegetarian and 3% eat only Gluten Free foods
  • 43% would pick a vegetarian or gluten free meal if offered, and 50% would never select this type of meal.
  • The large majority heard about RAGBRAI from friends and family
  • 11% used the RAGBRAI Baggage Truck to transport gear, 50% used a personal vehicle, and 33% used a charter.
  • 38% rode less than 500 miles to train for RAGBRAI, and 26% rode 1000 or more.
  • 33% of respondents are Female


The top 5 safety issues as indicated by those responding to the survey:

  1. Erratic or unpredictable riding
  2. Communication and signaling intent
  3. Riding left of center
  4. Riding in a large group
  5. Pace lines

In addition, several respondents noted as safety issues the number of cyclists riding against the flow of traffic on the route, as well as several young children and other inexperienced riders trying to ride in large groups of riders.  Other comments involved the need for slower riders to stay to the right.


We received several comments about the registration system.  Here are a few of the most common requests for changes:

  • Allow members of a group to pay separately rather than sending their payment to the group contact.
  • Allow group contacts the ability to update a team name after the group has been created.  Thi9s would most likely be limited to before the group is closed.
  • Provide the ability to modify a registration until the group is closed.  This could include clothing sizes and address changes.  Once a group is closed, no changes should be allowed.

In response to other comments and suggestions provided in the survey, a vehicle pass must be purchased at the time of registration, and will only be issued for a group with a minimum of 3 members.  This is our only restriction to try and limit the number of vehicles that come on RAGBRAI.  In addition, we had some questions about registering for others.  Each individual must register separately because of the online waiver.  This includes registering for other family members.


Some items of interest about our support drivers:

  • 44% were drivers for the first time on RAGBRAI
  • 42% are Female
  • 37% are between the age of 55-64, and 72% are over the age of 45
  • 47% are from the state of Iowa
  • All but 15% like to leave town by 9:00 AM
  • They are almost split evenly between purchasing supplies in a town before leaving for the next overnight town, in a town along the way, or in the next town once they arrive.
  • 25% drove an RV, and 19% drove a camper/5th wheel
  • 33% didn’t visit a single meeting town
  • The complaint most often heard is that there needs to be more signage in town

Our thanks again for your feedback!  We hope to see you July 19-25, 2015 for RAGBRAI XLIII.  Remember that registration opens November 15, 2014 and will close April 1, 2015 for weeklong rider registration.

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