We will be Cruizin’ on the Crater as we head into Manson, our meeting town for Monday. Keep an eye out for Crater Signs, once you see them you’ll know you’re close to town. Believe it or not this will be our first ever visit to Manson and they are really excited to welcome us in July. Don’t miss the large “Manson – Making an Impact” entryway sign, it’s a great photo op.

Manson will be READY to feed us! Food options include smoothies, pie (including rhubarb), cinnamon rolls, pork burgers, Rick’s Famous Ribs at the Augustana Lutheran Church, ham balls from Our Savior United Methodist Church (proceeds send youth on a mission trip), turkey wraps, veggie and meat lasagna and pasta alfredo, root beer floats, pork loins, brats, wings on a stick and so much more. Restaurants in town include Shoreside Pub & Grub, Big Beve’s and Pizza Ranch.

If you just want to drink, they’ll have that too! Proceeds from the beer garden will be used to construct a new Fire Station.

Just want to spend some time and stretch your legs in Manson? There will be live bands, games, and lots of photo ops.

Beyond all the delicious food options, you should know that Manson is famous for three things. First, they are the site of the Manson Impact Structure. This is a geological anomaly, a meteorite hit the town 74 million years ago and created a 23 mile below ground crater that was since buried by glaciers. Visit the Library (East of Main St.) to see the Crater Exhibit and for photo ops.

Second, this rock formation left Manson with the only naturally soft water in Iowa. Go to literally any faucet in town and check it out!

Finally, Manson has the only stop light in the county. Hopefully you don’t get stuck at the red light for too long!

The Manson Aquatic Center was completed in 2006, stop and take a dip!

To keep up with Manson’s RAGBRAI plans, visit their Facebook page here: http://ift.tt/1LZmjvG

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