Tuesday Day 3

Here is the complete route from Creston to Leon.  The route encompasses 58.5 miles and 3,318 feet of climb.  You will get to ride some nice rollers during the days ride.  The whole route features only three turns, so it will be hard to get lost!  We return to the town of Diagonal after a 35 year hiatus.

Click to download pdf of Tuesday’s Map

TUESDAY – JULY 26, 2016
Creston to Diagonal – 19.8
Diagonal to Mount Ayr (Meeting) – 12.1
Mount Ayr to Kellerton – 9.6
Kellerton to Decatur City – 12.2
Decatur City to Leon – 4.8

Total Mileage – 58.5 miles

Total Feet of Climb – 3,318

The route (towns and roads) is subject to change.

The full route, along with roads and pass-through towns will be released starting this weekend.   Each daily release should be out by 8:00 am CST.  Enjoy the ride!

Here is the remaining schedule:

Wednesday, March 9 – release the route for Wednesday, July 27
Thursday, March 10 – release the route for Thursday, July 28
Friday, March 11 – release the route for Friday, July 29
Saturday, March 12 – release the route for Saturday, July 30

Support vehicle maps will be released in early July.

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