After pedaling their bikes for almost 80 miles on Sunday, RAGBRAI riders relaxed by the water and listened to live music in Storm Lake.

An upper-80s temperature day meant for a hot ride, and cyclists took the opportunity to cool with a dip in the lake or a slide down one of King Pointe’s waterpark slides.

Joe Jarosz, of Mt. Prospect, Ill., chose to take a quick swim Sunday night and after a day of hilly cycling. He said it was a nice ending to the first day.

“It was hot today,” Jarosz said. “The water felt great.”

While some were swimming, others could zip through the strip of food vendors located in the King’s Pointe parking lot.

Jerry Geddes said the hot weather didn’t bother him and decided to kick back and listen to the live band. He also said he actually enjoyed the hills — at least when on the way down.

He said he enjoyed passing through the towns, and especially enjoyed a root beer float with homemade ice cream.

“It was an excellent first day,” said Geddes, of Rockton, Ill.

Riders recouped Sunday night before having to take on the 70-mile trip to Fort Dodge on Monday.

“At least the longest day is over,” said Jarosz.