A 6-foot-tall chicken stood watch as Ragbrai riders tried to throw eggs into another chicken’s rear end in Guthrie Center on Monday.

The Guthrie Center community offered Ragbrai participants the chance to play a game involving throwing raw eggs at a chicken painted on a board.

The object of the game was to throw the eggs inside a hole located in the center of the chicken’s rear end.

“It’s kind of a little fun game to play; something cheap,” said Guthrie Center Mayor Denny Kunkle.

The idea for the game came after a food inspector denied a previously planned game involving people throwing eggs at one another, said City Clerk Laura Imerman.

“My daughter came up with the idea to have a target,” Imerman said. “My husband came up with the target being the rear end of a chicken.”

Imerman’s 22-year-old daughter also painted the chicken.

The eggs and 6-foot-tall chicken statue were provided by a local farmer.

Participants received one egg for $1 or 6 eggs for $5. The money raised by the game will go back into the community, Imerman said.

“The contributions will go back to local groups that have helped us during Ragbrai,” Imerman said.

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