Saturday, June 16, Pottawattamie County’s proposed trail system will be unveiled at a public announcement at Arrowhead Park near Neola. This is an exciting event for trail enthusiasts in Southwest Iowa and Greater Omaha, and we would like to have a lot of people attend to show their support. You can find more on the trails website or the attached document.

If anybody would like to bike to Arrowhead Park, it’s about two miles from Neola on a paved county road. It’s also a relatively flat 7.5 miles from Underwood and a more hilly 5.5 miles from Minden. I am planning to ride my bike, and it would be great to have a large group of cyclists in attendance. Please forward to anyone you know in the area who might be interested. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (lanceDOTbrisboisATgmailDOTcom or FOUR02-THREE50-9267).
For easy sharing, here’s a shortened link to the invite: