The Chichaqua Valley Trail in Central Iowa will be the site of the fourth annual bicycle-music festival called “Pedaler’s Jamboree Iowa.” It is named and will be patterned after a jamboree that has become a major tourism event the past nine years on the KATY Trail in central Missouri.

“What differentiates us from other rides is the fact that we are a music festival first and a ride second,” says Jamboree Instigator and Creator Mike Denehy. “At Pedaler’s Jamboree, you know that you are going to get some of the best regional and national acts, as well as a few local favorites, coupled with top-of-the-line stage and sound production.” Denehy, an Iowa City native, had grown up riding RAGBRAI on a yearly basis with his father before creating the Missouri rendition of the Jamboree. Other details include:

  • On Saturday, August 25th, registered riders will be encouraged to leave Baxter on the Chichaqua Valley Trail by eleven in the morning. From there they will proceed down the trail for that day’s ride to Bondurant. Starting at 9:30 am in Ira bands will play for three to four hours in the towns along the trail, with food and drink vendors in all communities.

  • On Saturday night, August 25th, camping will be at Lake Petocka in Bondurant. Saturday night’s music will feature bands playing on a major stage. As with every performance at the festival, top of line sound, staging, and production will be provided.

  • The ride on Sunday, August 26th, will leave Bondurant between seven and nine in the morning for the return to Baxter, with bands playing in towns along the way.

  • Registration is now open.  Participants can register at

UPDATE:  Pedaler’s Jamboree Iowa has announced their full music line up for the weekend:


Seratones The Crane Wives A Ferocious Jungle Cat Brother Trucker The Kay Brothers  – The Underhill Family Orchestra King of the Tramps Ducharme-Jones Band Molly Gene Courtney Krause Burney Sisters – Aaron Earl Short