Do you ever see cars where they shouldn’t be? How about dangerous driving behavior or other issues on Iowa streets?

We know you do. Now, through a partnership with OurStreets – we’re asking you to report it! OurStreets is an exciting new app that makes it fast and easy to document problems you see anytime, anywhere. The app is available in the App Store for Apple devices, and Google Play for Android. Download it today and start reporting! Here’s how easy it is:

OurStreets is a reporting tool, and the more people that use it – the better it gets. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition will be able to see the reported problem areas and share them with local authorities and organizations to highlight enforcement needs and infrastructure changes. When you document dangerous behavior, it doesn’t remedy the problem in real-time. But it gives us critical and detailed information that we can use to make the case for infrastructure improvements leading to safer streets for all users.

A bonus with OurStreets is if you aren’t able or don’t feel comfortable reporting on the spot, you can still take a photo so the time and location gets recorded via your phone. You can then report it later when you have the time, or when the offender isn’t there to take issue with your report.