The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is pleased to introduce their new Membership Coordinator, Ali Winn. Ali graduated from the University of Iowa in August 2012 with a BA in Communication Studies and is excited about this new opportunity ahead of her. 
When asked what she’s looking forward to, Ali answered, “I am most excited to learn about the current members and what motivates them to bike. I think understanding why they joined will help me encourage others.” 
As the Membership Coordinator, Ali will be focusing on maintaining and growing the current membership base. Two of her main goals will be increasing awareness of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and reevaluating the current membership system. “I would like to add to and alter our current membership,” Ali explained,” how I am going to do that has yet to be decided, however, the brainstorming has begun.”
Mark Wyatt, the Executive Director, added, “I think there’s a lot of potential to increase the amount of people interested in our organization and I am excited to see where Ali takes this position.”