Not everyone can commit to logging as many as Keren Tischler and Curt Webb, but the National Bike Challenge can be a motivatation for bicyclists at all levels.

Take Val Roemer of Menasha, Wis. She’s 88 years old and has been riding her bicycle for the better part of 70 years.

Val at GBT 2

“When I was 16, I bought my first bike from my cousin’s neighbor,” Roemer says. “Biking is wonderful exercise, plus you’re getting fresh air and seeing things you don’t see from a car: birds, the colors of the trees, flowers.”

Roemer signed up for the Challenge just before the May start with her son-in-law’s email address (she doesn’t have one).

The Challenge is off to a great start this Bike Month, with nearly 21,000 riders already registered! Our goal is to see 50,000 people ride 20 million miles — Roemer contributed to that goal this last weekend. She rode two miles on the trail near her home, which were her first logged miles for the Challenge.

Join in on the fun; Sign up today and make every mile count! 


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