If a presidential candidate were to step into a RAGBRAI event, Sheryl Walter and Ed Senn said they will be ready for the photo op.“We like to get our picture taken with every politician we can find,” said Walter, who turned 58 on Saturday.
RAGBRAI is in full swing, but so is caucus season. And with the two coinciding, some wonder if a presidential candidate might make an appearance at one of RAGBRAI’s numerous concentrated events over the next seven days.

Some cyclists said they’d like to see a candidate, but not necessarily hear them speak.

“Photo op!” said Senn, 58, of Washington, D.C. “We’ll save the issues for a more deliberate discussion.” 

Most cyclists, however, said they would keep on pedaling if a presidential candidate were to appear at one of the host communities this week.

This testimony holds true for Mark Press, of Brookville, Md.

“I’m here to cycle,” he said. “I’d keep going.”

Matt Wessel, of Knoxville, Tenn., also said he’d keep going, but more because he’d like to avoid the larger crowds.

Addie Brown, 24, of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Terry Paddon, 66, of Portland, Ore., both said they would keep riding, but Paddon said she may stop depending on the town and which candidate it would be.

A few others, though, said they would stop if a candidate came their way.

Will Gruszecki, of Harleysville, Penn., said he would most definitely like to speak with a candidate.

“If Ben Carson were to walk down here, I would want to stop him and talk to him,” Gruszecki said.

Phyllis Kahn, 78, of Minneapolis, said she would love to see any candidate.

“Especially Hillary Clinton,” Kahn said. “But I’d even like to see some Republicans.”

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