Cycling offers countless benefits, from promoting physical health to reducing our carbon footprint. As more people turn to biking as their preferred mode of transportation or leisure activity, it is vital to prioritize safety, awareness, and skill development. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has created an impressive collection of comprehensive guides on all things cycling, covering various topics such as e-bikes, mountain biking, avoiding bike theft, and even winter and gravel bicycling. In this blog post, we will explore these essential guides available on the Iowa Bicycle Coalition website ( and how they can benefit cyclists of all skill levels.

Iowa Bicycling Advocacy Toolkit
The Iowa Bicycling Advocacy Toolkit is a must-have e-book for individuals and organizations interested in promoting and improving bicycling in the state of Iowa. This toolkit offers a wide range of strategies and practical tips for effective bicycling advocacy at the state level. Download the Iowa Bicycling Advocacy Toolkit e-book to make Iowa more bicycle-friendly and learn how to advocate for bicycling infrastructure and education effectively.

E-Bikes in Iowa
E-bikes are quickly gaining popularity, and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s e-bike guide offers a comprehensive overview of this growing trend. This guide covers different types of e-bikes, how they work, their benefits and drawbacks, and tips for choosing the right e-bike for your needs. Learn about the legal requirements for e-bikes in Iowa and make an informed decision about whether an e-bike is right for you.

Guide to Bike Lights in Iowa
The Guide to Bike Lights in Iowa is a comprehensive e-book that ensures you stay safe and visible while riding your bike in Iowa. Download the guide to learn how to choose and use the right bike lights for your needs, enabling you to ride safely and confidently.

Mountain Bicycling in Iowa
The Mountain Bicycling in Iowa Guide is an indispensable resource for adventure seekers looking to explore Iowa’s trails. This guide provides an overview of mountain biking, including different types of mountain bikes, tips for choosing the right gear, and guidelines for safe and efficient riding on Iowa’s rugged terrain. Discover popular mountain biking destinations in the state and plan your next biking excursion.

Avoid Bike Theft in Iowa
The guide to avoiding bike theft is essential for keeping your bike safe and secure in Iowa. This guide offers practical tips and advice for preventing bike theft, such as choosing the right lock, securing your bike properly, and registering your bike with local law enforcement. Protect your bike from theft with the knowledge and tools provided in this guide.

Bike To Work Guide
The Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s Bike To Work Guide is an essential resource for commuters looking to bike to work. This guide offers tips for planning your commute, choosing the best route, what gear to wear, and how to pack your belongings for the ride. Discover the many benefits of bike commuting in Iowa with this helpful guide.

Guide to Iowa Bike Laws
The Guide to Iowa Bike Laws is a valuable tool for understanding your rights and responsibilities as a cyclist under Iowa law. This comprehensive overview covers rules for riding on the road, bicycle equipment requirements, and guidelines for sharing the road with motorists and pedestrians.

Iowa Gravel Guide
The Iowa Gravel Guide is perfect for those looking to explore the state’s gravel roads and trails. This guide provides tips for riding on gravel, including how to choose the right bike, equipment, and tires to handle the unique challenges of riding on unpaved surfaces. Discover some of the most beautiful and adventurous gravel roads and trails in Iowa.

Ride Right Guide
The Ride Right guide is essential for safe and confident cycling in any environment, including group rides. This comprehensive guide offers information on bike safety, choosing the right gear, techniques for riding in traffic, and guidelines for sharing the road with motorists and pedestrians. Learn how to recognize and avoid common cycling hazards and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable riding experience, whether solo or with a group.

Winter Bicycling in Iowa
The Winter Bicycling in Iowa Guide is an essential resource for those who want to continue riding their bike throughout the colder months in Iowa. This guide offers tips for staying warm, dry, and safe while riding in winter weather conditions. Learn how to choose the right gear, including clothing, accessories, and equipment, to stay comfortable and protected from the elements. Embrace the challenge of winter bicycling and stay active and safe during the colder months.

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s comprehensive guides cover a wide range of cycling topics, ensuring that there is something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros. These guides are written with the input and expertise of Iowa bicyclists, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information available. With easy-to-follow instructions, helpful tips, and detailed diagrams, the Iowa Bicycling Guides are designed to help you become a more knowledgeable, confident, and safe cyclist. Browse the guides today and take your cycling skills to the next level!