Rockford – It’s never hard to find people willing to lend a helping hand on RAGBRAI.

On Thursday morning, it was Rockford resident Jim Schumburg – a 31-year veteran of the ride – who took a rider to his home in search of some duct tape to repair a broken flip-flop sandal. When he couldn’t find the tape, Schumburg just gave the rider a spare flip-flop of his own.

Schumburg sported a RAGBRAI ’77 T-shirt as he stood along the route and helped prepare food at the local United Methodist church, he said. The shirt was from his first year as rider, when he rode on a borrowed bike. The ride also went through Rockford that year, he said.

In recent years heart troubles and hip replacements have kept Schumberg from riding. The last time he rode the ride was in 2009, but he still manages 15 to 20 mile rides when he can, he said.

“There’s no sense in me getting in this again because if I start I’m gonna want to finish.”