I wanted to share some notes from the Path Less Pedaled Session at the National Bike Tourism Conference. This is one of the best sessions we have had so far.

1.  Tell a story

2.  Make it visual

3.  Make it social

Tell a Story.  Stories are not a series of facts.  It needs to be personal and emotive.  Like a food label, you have the facts, but the tantalizing cover needs to face the front.  Stories are emotional and evocative.  Like stories before bedtime, can your stories produce a dream?

Make it visual.  Even Facebook pages are more popular when a photo is attached.  The shoots they do show bicycles in the scene, but nobody is riding.  People are having fun in the destinations and not riding.  The riding is an element, but the destination is key.  Invest in good visual assets and use them.

Make it social.  People research their vacation online.  Constantly remind people of your existence.  Invent your own memes.  Everyplace has a wine country.  It isn’t unique if everyone has it.  Create a bike country.

Treat it like you writing a travel feature.  Make it easy.  Think like you are inviting friends to come with you and what experience do you want them to have.

What is our story.