A Ways and Means subcommittee advanced SSB3157 this week that would enact IWILL.  This bill was proposed originally as a tax plan, but was removed and a separate bill was created.  Sen. Dawson chaired the committee.

Dozens of groups testified in favor of the bill.  Sen. Goodwin remarked that there was more support expressed to him to pass this legislation.  He noted that there was more input on this bill in support than input on the education funding bills.  

Sen. Dawson committed to getting this bill across the finish line.  He noted that there were changes to the formula, but there was something for everyone in the bill and priorities have changed over the past 12 years.  

There were questions about where the money was coming from, but it was noted that the trigger was the sales tax increase and the money was coming from the general fund.  There were some questions about specifics of the tax policy, like TIFF, but they were looking into these issues.  

Sen. Jochum expressed concern about the reduction of trail funding in the formula from $20.7 million to $8.3 million.  She wants to return to the original forumla and she would support the bill.  

SSB3157 moves to the Senate Ways and Means Committee for consideration before advancing to the Iowa Senate for debate.