The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is merging the popular Iowa Goes By Bicycle Challenge with the newly created National Bicycle Challenge to encourage more people to ride bicycles.  The Iowa Challenge will be given new online tools allowing more competition between individuals, workplaces, communities, and states.

“We had almost 1,000 participants last year,” says Mark Wyatt, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.  “The new website and smartphone app will make it even easier for more people to participate.”

To join the contest, participants visit and clicks to join the challenge.  Bicyclists can use their Facebook login and share their rides with their friends.

“The new website allows people to share their rides, routes, and times.  If a friend of mine is riding the same route, the website will tell me if I am faster or slower,” Wyatt said.  “I can even record my ride by clicking start on my smartphone.  The ride is automatically recorded and uploaded to the site.  It is just so easy.”

The National Bicycle Challenge is sponsored by Kimberly Clark, the League of American Bicyclists, and Bikes Belong.  The contest will have prizes in 16 different categories and runs from May 1 to August.

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