Chuck McKee rode RAGBRAI three years ago with his family.
So when the time came to plan the bi-annual reunion for a group of high school friends, he suggested the 400 mile trek.
When I did it I thought, ‘these guys would love it,’” McKee, 66 said.
Three others agreed.
They are here despite injuries – one had surgery a month ago and one broke a bone.
“So I called Chip and said to be careful,” McKee said. “He said, too late. I crashed.”
“But we’re here,” Chip Taggart said.
And having fun along the way, the group said.
“I love it,” Taggart said. “We’re having a food time. The country is gorgeous.”
The four group members, along with other friends, were high school classmates and teammates in Appleton, Wisc.
They graduated in 1964.
“We dispersed to the winds after high school,” Taggart, who lives in Washington D.C., said.
About a dozen years ago they started gathering every other year. Not everyone made the trip to Iowa.
“Our friends, by the way, think we’re crazy,” Taggart said.