Our Safe Routes to School program goes to classrooms, teaches bike safety, and holds bike rodeos all over Iowa. We get a grant for this program, but must provide 25% match funds.  This program is even more vital after the five fatal bicycle crashes involving young people 8 to 19 years-old this year.  

The names of the young people killed by motorists this year were Cassandra, Ali, Colby, Raeanna, and Sylvia. They were ages 8, 13, 13, 14, & 19.  They were all riding their bicycles.

All of Iowa let these kids down.  Iowans are supposed to protect our young people, not run them over with cars and trucks. Bicycling is something we love to do, and most of us have done it since we were kids.  It’s not right to have kids scared to ride their bikes.

Iowa Bicyclists have the power to fix this and we need to start right now.  From now, until the Route Announcement on January 27, we are asking everyone to help us raise at least $10,000 in matching funds for our Safe Routes to School program.  

With over 1,000 people at the Route Party and more following online, it should be easy to break this fundraising goal with just a $10 donation from everyone.  


1: Donate Online: https://cbo.io/d/Iowabike
2: Text IOWABIKE to 56651
3: Donate through your silent auction bid: https://iowabike.cbo.io
4: Bring $10 cash to the Route Party