It snowed in Des Moines yesterday, and we were getting the early-winter blues. So in honor of next summer and warmer times to come, we are pleased to introduce the official 2015 RAGBRAI XLIII ride jersey!

As in past years the 2015 jersey comes in two styles – the unisex/men’s jersey with sleeves and a sleeveless women’s version. But we think you’ll notice a difference when you try on these jerseys, as we’ve upgraded to Primal’s amazing Q3 fabric for better wicking and temperature regulation.

We have been working closely with Primal Wear’s design team to create a fun, light colored jersey that incorporates the XLIII logo and imagery from the ride. You may notice that the front side (we’ve been calling it the Day Side) has bright white clouds, and the back (Night Side) is a little more muted. Yes, the jersey includes corn for a second year in a row. But we could hardly use a tractor logo without a shout out to one of our two favorite crops!

RAGBRAI XLIII Registration begins this Saturday, November 15th – preorder your 2015 jersey, shorts and/or bibs, with Registration for a $5 discount on each item!