Fatal Bike Crashes Petition

Iowa needs a safe passing distance law requiring vehicles to change lanes to pass. We need to end unsafe driving with increased penalties and appropriate reckless driving charges. We need trails, bike lanes, and paved shoulders.  We need enforcement of laws that prevent crashes.

We remain focused on lobbying the Legislature to pass a bill that will require motorists to change lanes to pass bicyclists. This bill failed to pass the last session, but we haven’t given up because the problem of unsafe passing still exists. It is time to require safe operations around bicyclists, stop motorists from buzzing you on the road, teach student drivers how to safely pass, and ultimately, stop motorists from running over bicyclists. 

The Iowa DOT has taken a big step forward by completing the Iowa Bike & Pedestrian Plan.  Implementation and funding are the next big steps.  The legislature needs to fund the Conservation Trust Fund to fund trails, water quality, and land conservation.  The Conservation Trust Fund could provide safe places to ride all over Iowa.

Iowa courts have been sentencing jail time to drivers who kill cyclists, but some cases still go uncharged.  We continue to need law enforcement and courts working for better traffic safety.  We need to give law enforcement the tools to end distracted driving like mandatory hands-free for mobile phones while driving.

It is past the time needed to take action.  Iowa can spare no more lives to unsafe passing, distracted driving, and reckless operations.  Iowa needs to end fatal crashes involving bicyclists now!