Team Fly on DRAGBRAI

Team Fly on DRAGBRAI

It was hard to miss Team Fly on Wednesday.

First, there’s their bus, which is outfitted with plane parts, including details like airline seats and overhead bins.

Then, there’s Gayle Jordan, who at 54 was sworn in as an attorney during a celebration at RAGBRAI’s stopover in Eldora.

Oh, and, the entire team is dressed in drag.

“One day a RAGBRAI, usually Wednesday, we all dress up in dresses, the boys in drag,” Gayle Jordan said. “We are allies of the community, so we don’t mean this disrespectfully at all. We think this makes us more visible and hopefully makes the issues in the LBGT community more visible as well.”

Believe me, they have achieved peak visibility.

The DRAGBRAI tradition began about four years ago when Gayle’s son, Sam Jordan, floated the idea to his teammates.

“I just knew it would be fun to do,” he said, wearing a strapless blue number. “It brings attention to our team, and, like my mom said, to issues.”

But riding in a dress? To a non-rider (me), that seems difficult.

No, the team unanimously agreed.

“There’s an extra breeze that’s quite nice,” Sam Jordan said.

Yeah, the ventilation actually makes for an easier ride, Gayle Jordan added.

“And the fabric is all polyester and stuff, so it’s breathable,” said team member Jennifer Gibbs. The dresses “wick away moisture.”