Although some people (especially those that are not regular cyclists anyway) would not even dream about it, there is a lot of fun and a sense of accomplishment that comes with cycling in the winter. Your friends may think you are a bit crazy and you are sure to get confused looks from car drivers, but with the right gear, it is actually very enjoyable to get out on your bike in the cold. Getting out in challenging conditions brings an extra adventurous aspect to riding that you do not get at other times of the year.

“I enjoy the winter scenery, also keeping fit year-round”. Says Tracy B McIntosh. Many people use a stationary trainer at home to keep fit and their cycling muscles in shape over winter. Others find this far too boring and want to get out of the house. After all, enjoying nature is one of the main reasons why people like biking in the first place. In winter, you will find that the roads and trails are much quieter and have less traffic. If you do get off the roads you can find yourself in complete isolation, surrounded by wonderful snowy landscapes as well as new challenges. All of this is a really good remedy for the winter blues.

Winter riding does not have to be restricted to recreation either. Plenty still uses their bicycle to commute during the winter months and some still find this to be preferable to driving. Regardless of the kind of riding you do in the winter, many of our members point out that it will give you some serious bragging rights!