Here’s a quick primer about today’s 63-mile concluding ride from Fairfield to Fort Madison:

WEATHER: Clear skies and cool temperatures will wrap up RAGBRAI. The temperatures will be chilly this morning. Expect a high in the 70s.


Main Stage Entertainment: Cherry Gun Band

THE SIGHTS: Here’s a brief selection of the things you’ll encounter today:

Oldest courthouse: Keosauqua is home to the Van Buren County Courthouse, Iowa’s oldest courthouse and the nation’s second continuously used courthouse.

Log cabin: When in Birmingham, visit a log cabin built in 1923. The cabin is not connected to Abraham Lincoln, but Lincoln is tied to the town because his supposed first love, Ann Rutledge, lived in the area.

Florida in Iowa: Fort Madison’s theme is “Bikes, burgers and paradise — the Florida of Iowa.” The town says Fort Madison’s location in Iowa is similar to Florida’s location in the United States.