Tom Osran is a lawyer by trade. Before that he spent five years as a journalist, but his true calling is as a comedian. Or maybe not.
That probably depends on who you ask.
The Chicago native is on his 16th journey across the state cracking jokes and trying to make people laugh.
Some days are better than others.
“Did you hear? They found five guys frozen to death at an Iowa drive-in movie theater last year. They were waiting to see ‘Closed for the Season,’” Osran said.
He started telling jokes to his marathon running group in Chicago.
When he sampled them on his new group, he was happy to report on Facebook, “I’m telling my bad jokes in Iowa and people think I’m funny,” he said.
“What does IOWA stand for? Idiots out wandering around,” he said.
Chris Wise of Cedar Rapids insists the quips are going over well.
“He tried them on me and if I think he’s funny, that says something,” Wise said.
That is until Osran tries to tell an Ames joke to a guy in an Iowa State cycling jersey.
Why comedy?
“Everybody has to laugh, right?” Osran said. “Iowans have a sense of humor.”
Not everyone takes them so well, however.
“Usually, the Illinois people, they just don’t understand it,” Wise said.