One of the core values of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition is bicycle access. We have routinely opposed laws that restrict cycling, especially restrictions on roads. Many of you have been following the mandatory sidepath law discussion in Grimes. Grimes is not the only city with a mandatory sidepath ordinance, but they are the only city that has taken steps to renew and update the restriction.

One of our members, Steve Davis of North Liberty, noticed that North Liberty has the same ordinance that Grimes adopted. Steve emailed the North Liberty City Council and asked them to review the ordinance. The city attorney has come to the same conclusion we have – the ordinance is in conflict with state code.

I was invited to the North Liberty City Council to speak about repealing the law. I was able to point out several safety reasons why North Liberty should take steps to repeal the ordinance. The city is considering the data and reports that we provided, along with a model bicycle ordinance that the Iowa Bicycle Coalition has helped author.

We have assisted 13 communities in Iowa to replace their bicycle ordinances with our model bicycle ordinance. Thanks to Coalition member Steve Davis, we will be adding North Liberty to that list.

This is a great example how Iowa Bicycle Coalition members can make a difference in their local community. By working with Coalition staff and members, our network of advocates can make big changes across Iowa for better bicycling.

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition cannot do this work without members. Donations and member support enable use to keep an eye on the issues across Iowa. 2012 is coming to an end, and we need your help to stay on track and continue making Iowa better for bicycling! A gift of $25 or more will go a long way in providing the resources we need to build bicycle traffic across our great state! All gifts made to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition are tax-deductible. You can give a gift in addition to your current membership, to help us increase our resources. Or if you have not renewed your membership, you can renew by providing an end-of-the-year gift. Membership with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition is a year-long membership, and you will be a part of the collective voice that works to improve bicycling throughout the state of Iowa!

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Mark Wyatt
Executive Director