Important Update:  After speaking with the Iowa State Patrol, we know the investigation is ongoing.  Charges will not be made until the investigation is complete.  A fair and full investigation takes time.
Until then, our prayers are with the families. This is a horrible tragedy and a sad time for all involved.
This letter was sent on June 21 to the Iowa State Patrol and Calhoun County attorney requesting more information on the fatal bike crash.
I am the executive director for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.  It has come to my attention that a fatal bike crash occured in Calhoun County on or about June 20.  The media accounts list Lt. Hindman as investigating.  The media implied Lt. Hindman did not expect charges to be filed, although the results of the investigation could change that.
We are deeply concerned about the charges in this crash. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has worked with the Iowa DOT and Iowa Attorney General’s office over the past year to better define safe passing for bicycles.  We understand that there may be circumstances not reported in this article.  However, on the face of this report, the driver attempted to pass the bicyclists and did not safely pass the bicyclists.  This is a violation of 321.299 and 321.281. You can read more about safe passing laws at
I would like to request any and all information pertaining to this incident.  We would like to be brought up to date on the charges that are being filed.  We would also like clarification on charges not being filed and how it pertains to the Attorney General Letter of Advice (7/16/12) and subsequent training provided from the AG office.
Frankly, I lack understanding on how charges cannot be filed according to the media accounts.
Keep moving forward,Mark Wyatt
Iowa Bicycle Coalition
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Coralville, IA 52241
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