Some of you may be aware that I am in Pittsburgh, PA this week to attend the Alliance For Bicycling and Walking Leadership Retreat.  We are at a retreat center about two hours east of Pittsburgh. 

This retreat only occurs every two years.  I have been to every retreat since 2004 minus one because of knee surgery.  It helps me recharge my batteries, learn fresh concepts, and talk to leaders doing the same thing I am doing. 

I am also on the board of the Alliance.  We have an all day session tomorrow to help shape our strategic plan. 

At this time, I have arrived and am meeting some of the new staff and enjoying the fellowship of friends.  The sessions look very exciting and I will post updates of some of the great things happening here. 

In the mean time, a couple of random observations:
Trail travel is really nice.  I took Amtrak from Mt. Pleasant to Pittsburgh.
Marriott staff gave me my room at 7 AM.  How awesome!
I watched a protected bike lane being installing in Pittsburgh while I had lunch.  It began being used right away.
Arnold Palmer is from the area.
I am now host of the Talent Show.