Iowa State Patrol troopers are putting in long hours to make sure that every intersection, bar and street is safe for cyclists and drivers alike during RAGBRAI.

Eleven troopers ride the route and direct traffic to ensure collisions don’t occur. Troopers put in 10 to 12 hours of work a day, said Sgt. Scott Bright.

“We look forward to it, but when the week’s done, we’re glad it’s done,” Bright said.

Starting in December, RAGBRAI officials and Bright will travel along the route and ensure every turn and curve is safe. Later, Bright will meet with local sheriffs and police departments to work together and discuss the route and a plan for the week.

“Our number one goal is to get the riders from the west side of the state, to the east side of the state, safe and sound,” Bright said.

Additionally, four troopers act as an “alcohol team” and enforce a shutdown time for local bars and beverage providers.

Throughout RAGBRAI’s 42 years, Bright said, the Iowa State Patrol has been involved with keeping everyone safe during the ride. Though he’s not much of a cyclist himself, Bright said, he enjoys the week and the people he meets.

“It showcases our state, and it showcases the state of Iowa,” Bright said.