A few times a year, we post on our website about a bicyclist killed in a crash with a motor vehicle. This is, unfortunately, the ninth of those posts since January.

Terry Zabokrtsky, age 76, of Walford was killed on December 25th, at 2:25pm at 11609 Linn Benton Road.Authorities say a 2017 Silver Escape driven by Holly Dubishar of Amana was driving northbound on Linn Benton Road, when it collided with Zabokrtsky on his bicycle, who was also traveling northbound. Zabokrtsky was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident remains under investigation by the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

In response to this fatal crash, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition is working on several strategies to make Iowa Bicycling safer. One of those is organizing a petition.

Please sign the petition against fatal bike crashes https://p2a.co/BlMXgh2

We are continuing our efforts for safer bicycling in Iowa. If you can give to help our bike safety work, please do so at the following link. https://ibc.app.neoncrm.com/forms/eoy21windowofopportunity