NBC_2013_web_button_200x200_022013So your workplace joined the National Bike Challenge, and now that folks are geared up and riding you’re wondering what comes next — or maybe just what’s in it for you!

Yesterday the League hosted a webinar for any workplaces involved in the Challenge to help answer those questions.

Alison Dewey, our own Bicycle Friendly America Program Manager, and Jason Van Dreische, Director of Advocacy and Education for Local Motion in Vermont, reviewed everything you need to know — from how to set up a workplace profile to what types of data you can download.

In case you missed it, the webinar is recorded on the League’s YouTube channel and you can watch it below or on our YouTube page.

If you have any additional Challenge-related questions, please contact Lili Afkhami at lili@bikeleague.org

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Katie Omberg
Events and Outreach Manager

Katie joined the League in April of 2010. For the two years prior, she worked at the Corcoran College of Art + Design as a programs coordinator. Katie has a BA in Religion from Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass. She enjoys biking to work.

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