Yep, I know the weather has been awful.  I am willing to trash talk the weather with you as much as you want to.  But today, I had a change of heart.  I wanted to commute by bicycle to work.  I knew it was going to rain today but I did it anyway.  And it was fine. 

I can do rain, but cold and rainy isn’t my thing.  Finally, it was about 50 degrees this morning and dry when I left.  It was perfect for me to make a break for it. 

It has been long said in bicycling that there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices.  I think I have my rain gear dialed in pretty good.  I have started using a North Face rain jacket and I have never been so pleased.  Most rain jackets work like a garbage bag trapping as much moister inside as they do outside.  Not so with the NF.  This jacket breathes so well, that I surprise myself every time I ride in the rain. 

This time was no exception.  I had jeans and a cotton button down shirt on.  It was as dry as when I started.  I am very happy with that. 

I have also switched to a Bern Helmet this year.  It kept my warm and dry in the rain.  I will start to complain about this helmet when it gets hot out, but for now, I am happy with my lid. 

So even if the weather isn’t ideal, give it a try.  You might surprise yourself with a great ride too.